» This beautiful initiation mantra from the Pushtimarg tradition in India invites us to seek refuge, particularly when we are driven by strong emotions. Anger, hate and fear close us off to love and compassion. Seeking refuge means having the capacity to step back and to use particular tools or techniques – in this case, the repetition of mantra – to protect us from reacting immediately. Instead, we engage the mind with something calming, which buys us time and gets us back in touch with our true essence: boundless love and compassion, Krishna. Resolving a situation from this place yields much more constructive results. It means responding instead of reacting. «
Yogeswari Jivamukti Yoga Focus Of The Month, August 2016

Mantra-Karte Shri Krishna Sharanam Mama

Dieses Mantra wird auch »Ashtakshar« Mantra genannt (8 Buchstaben/Silben). Es bedeutet Krishna ist mein Schutz und meine Zuflucht, mein Beschützer.

Einfache Karte aus Recyclingpapier, wahlweise mit sandfarbenem Kuvert aus FSC zertifiziertem Papier
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